Tip Jar

We love our music and love sharing it with the world, in hopes of others enjoying it too. We’ll continue writing our songs regardless of whether they’re worth money (for as long as life blesses us with the ability), and you can listen to all of it for free at various places on the Internet.

We’re also grateful for tokens of appreciation; it’s rewarding when people share our taste in music. Our favorite way for you to support our music is to buy our songs through the links on this website (i.e. ourAlbumsPage) or asking your local record store to sell you a physical copy of our albums.

If you want to support our creations in non-financial ways, we’re just as grateful for this too. Spread the word about the songs you like and share this website on your social media by copying this link: claybabies.com You could also tip us greatly by asking your favorite radio or podcasts to play our songs.

We are a husband-wife music-making duo traveling through life with a desire to be good, conscientious people. We shun the mainstream American notion that life’s focus is making money. We think life is about following your heart, honoring your dreams, learning how to exist as a moral member of the Earth, and living up to your highest potential to be your best self and make the world a better place. That is why we minimize chasing money so we can maximize chasing dreams, which include creating our original music and growing a permaculture paradise on our half-acre plot. We prioritize supporting small, independent, socially and environmentally responsible businesses whenever we buy anything. We enjoy donating to good causes whenever we have spare money. So know that when you tip us, your money is used well and would help us curtail a day job, allowing more time for making our music and nurturing our bit of earth.

We don’t focus on the business aspect of the music industry. We’ve thus far done everything ourselves in every step of creating our albums except for the professional printing of the CDs (in which we chose the most ethical company we could find who do a great job). We’d rather not support Amazon or other tech giants who make our world less desirable in various ways, e.g. not paying their workers living wages. But we also want to make our music available. We’ve been using ‘cdbaby’ distributor to help us share our albums with the world, and they get it out to Amazon, Youtube, Apple, and to other corporate giants. If you have the means and want to buy in a nicer kinda way, first check with your local record store if you want a physical copy. When you buy digital downloads, bandcamp is where we link to from this website because (as far as we know) musicians get to keep more of the sale price than other music stores. When you stream songs from anywhere, know that musicians often get zero pennies for it. Sometimes, cdbaby will display that we got enough streams from somewhere to add up to a penny, but more often it shows many streams that added up to fractions of pennies with an end result of zero. Now, everyone needs music and if you can’t afford to pay for it then by all means stream it — musicians want their music listened to. But if you can afford to, also know that musicians appreciate it when you download from the place where they get the biggest share. It’s something to also keep in mind for your favorite independent bookstores, listener-supported radio / podcasts, independent news, food co-ops, artist co-ops, restaurants, breweries, small local hardware stores, and so on — admire them you may, but they will disappear if people always opt for the cheaper option from the big corporations. Beyond all the ethical reasons to avoid shopping at Walmart, Amazon, fast food chains, etc., it also just makes for a prettier, more interesting world when we have a great diversity of creative, unique mom-and-pop type places to vote-with-our-dollars at. I like places with character. The corporate world looks like sterile, caged death.

Since we don’t focus on the music industry and instead focus on our music, if you know something we don’t that we’d benefit from knowing, then please pass it on. Is there an awesome little label who’d like to promote our music?