Politics to Peanut Butter: Description & Lyrics

This album consists of twelve originals inspired by the work-in-progress of democracy in the US…and later, progressing down the playlist, inspired by the enjoyment of some good ole fashioned peanut butter. Preview the audio or purchase the album at this link. Most of the songs were written earlier in 2019; we began recording late 2019 and it was released February 2020. Following here are the lyrics and an elaboration of some of my political views that led to some of the songs.

Most Americans want our country to be a democracy. One person, one vote. Most people don’t want money to be the determining factor in who represents us in our government. We want freedom and equal opportunities. We don’t want the vast majority of wealth and power to be wielded by a tiny minority. Isn’t that part of why Americans fought the War of Independence? Isn’t that part of the intent of our constitution?

Lucky for us, we are blessed with some modern-day heroes and selfless leaders such as Nina Turner, Rev. William Barber II, Dr. Cornel West, Bernie Sanders, and other conscientious people who devote their lives to transforming the plutocratic condition of our country into a true democracy that would prioritize people and our environment over profit and ensure liberty and justice for ALL. Their actions exemplify the highest form of patriotism and love of people. Life is preciously short…May each of us boldly follow our hearts, be blessed with peaceful days, and contribute to making our small world a better place for all life on Earth.

Next Election

I wrote this song with a great leader in mind. Someone who supports democracy, freedom, justice, and equality more than any politician I’ve seen in my lifetime: Bernie Sanders. He demonstrates more honesty, integrity, and devotion to Americans than any politician I’ve ever seen (though I did think this also of Ralph Nader when I got the chance to see him speak during his presidential campaign many years ago). You might not like politics, but make no mistake, it affects our lives, down to the air we breathe. Remember to vote! Pay attention and participate; democracy requires participation by good people for it to work. We all need to use a variety of news sources with a healthy dose of skeptical critical thinking so we can come to an educated awareness. I hope you’ll make one of your news sources: Democracy Now!


Wish; Wish that it comes true; The world becomes a better place because of you
Hope; Hope it turns out right; democratic socialism is in sight
Faith; Faith we can transform; to a reality where suffering’s not the norm
Act; On your heart’s yearnings; That’s where your god or conscience pulls the strings

[chorus: Breaks my heart that someone who wants to do so much good for so many has such a long shot…But I believe it’s possible…People Power Wins…Our next election]

Wish; Wish that it comes true; Peace replaces war before we’re through
Hope; Hope it turns out right; That Nature would trump money without a fight
Faith; Faith we can transform; To a nation where respect for the world is the norm
Act; As workers used to do; Joining together to get fair conditions for you

Wish; Wish that it comes true; Immigrants can have a life here, as did you
Hope; Hope it turns out right; Not-for-profit healthcare for all is in sight
Faith; Faith we will set free; Non-violent prisoners, mostly minorities
Act; On your heart’s yearnings; The seed you abort’s your choice when freedom rings

You with different political views; If you believe in Love, we share some values; Check…Check your news; Follow the money to see who taints your views
[repeat chorus]
If we stand for our rights, people power can win our next election

Dear Anti-Choicers

The 1973 Supreme Court ruling Roe v. Wade already prohibits aborting viable fetuses, which are unborn babies. Yet some states around the country, such as Georgia, recently seek to prohibit women from aborting first trimester embryos, which are akin to seeds. The seed’s worthiness to exist pales in comparison to the right of the grown human who holds that seed to do as she chooses with her own body and her life. In a free country, the government should defend the rights of women to abort embryos. Most citizens believe in this freedom, despite recent actions by male-dominated state governments.


Why do you care more about my pinky-nail-sized seed than you care for a grown kid?
You’re putting your efforts in stripping rights from women, instead of saving grown children who die decrepit
I respect your love for embryos, but your perspective we don’t all share;
A woman’s unwanted first trimester tadpole don’t need to be FORCED into this world, there’s already more suffering than this world can bear

But I don’t try to force my belief on you; You’re welcome to do as you please
Grow a baby when you’d rather not, that’s up to you; You need not explain it to me
Likewise, you have no right to force your belief on me; I’m a farmer and own my own fertile land
I’ll plant or pull my own seeds when I need to; Don’t need to ask “the man” before hand

Don’t you know that there’s worse things than dying before you’re born
You would rather force even doomed ones to be birthed, so they can suffer for a while then die forlorn
Where’s your compassion for the pregnant ones whose lives may be in peril?
Abortions save lives and give a woman her life back, if you’d not claim her body and throw her over your barrel

We’re so lucky that we live in a country where freedom of religion is our right
Won’t you treat others as you’d want to be treated; What happens to your body is your birthright
Let’s agree to disagree and let each other make our own choice
Keep your laws and nose out of my womb, please
Respect a woman’s life and her voice
[repeat chorus]

Democratic Socialism

Read my thoughts on democratic socialism on this page.


Libraries; public universities; public schools
Postal Service; national parks; state parks; a clean environment
Highways and sidewalks; public transportation; social security

Well don’t you believe that democratic socialism
Is the devil incarnate – ’cause it’s NOT
Now capitalism is handy and it has its place
But its bottom line ought not apply to our common good, if we want to survive

Public utilities; VA hospitals; public servants; first responders
Public media; credit unions; workers’ co-ops; fair elections
Living wages; affordable housing; liberty and justice for all

Well don’t you believe that democratic socialism
Is the devil incarnate – ’cause it’s NOT
Now capitalism is handy and it has its place
But its bottom line ought not apply to our common good, if we want to survive
Profit ought not apply to our common good, if we want to survive
All things in life are not for sale; when money does trump all, it creates our hell

Zealous Heroes

This song is set to the traditional melody ‘The Crawdad Hole’, replacing the traditional lyrics with my own. After reading a book in recent years about Mother Jones and also one about John Brown, I was inspired to mention them in a song. They only ended up in the same song after noticing that both have been criticized, in spite of their devoted liberation work, for being unwilling to compromise. Following the folk tradition of grabbing an old melody to use with new lyrics, I decided on the traditional ‘Crawdad Hole’ song because it’s a fun song I wanted to learn, and the traditional lyrics didn’t strike me as worth repeating.


She got a line, he got a pole, honey
She made a picket line, he got a bullet pole, baby
She fought for the workers, he fought to free slaves
Both righteous heroes to their graves
Mother Jones…John Brown

Judge said, “He swears every other word”
Jones said, “That’s the way we working people pray”
She loved the coal miners, gave her freedom for them
Empowered the poor, then got arrested again
Mother Mary Jones

Underground Railroad went through his home
He gave his life for the freedom of slaves
Impatient with how a pacifist saves,
He took a rifle and turned to violent ways
For this, John Brown was hanged

Sometimes compromise is the way to go, honey
Other times we need a moral compass to stay true
Jones and Brown didn’t waver, they knew what’s right
Attacks ensued, still they never lost sight
Reform might take all breeds

[Repeat first verse]

…to be continued…

More lyrics of this album’s twelve original songs will be added to this page eventually. I’d just rather go play some music than sit any longer at this *!?%*# computer!

— Lillie

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