Brave Enough to Dream

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All profit from this single will be donated to the following groups that are working towards a world where a real American Dream is lived by everyone:


You say it’s a dream…to set it up so everybody shares

Our Choice…We could do that.

There’s never enough to give basic needs to everyone,

but there’s plenty…for those who don’t need it.


Don’t be afraid to DREAM


Don’t be afraid to DREAM

We’re more powerful than their greed!

Don’t look over there…Most of the wealth is flowing to the top

It’s not fair…Why don’t we care???

[Repeat Chorus]


What if everybody had enough

What if we weren’t afraid to dream

What if politicians got along

And worked together for the good of the whole country

Whatever you do to the least of these; You do unto me

You can’t worship god and mammon

Why does it always have to be about money


What if we weren’t afraid to DREAM?

A Real American Dream.


So many people couldn’t care less what a politician does…so long as it doesn’t affect their taxes. Fire up the white supremacists, subvert democracy, or incite civil war? Fine by some, so long as you don’t raise their taxes. Never mind whether their taxes actually would be raised. Protect our environment and provide quality healthcare to everyone, especially during a pandemic? No thanks, they say, because, “How are you going to pay for it?” Never mind that we can always find a way to pay for making the rich richer and funneling gobs of money to a corrupt military-industrial complex, to corporate welfare, and to countless other unworthy recipients. Besides that, a single-payer healthcare system such as Medicare for All would actually be cheaper than the current system. These voters who only consider the question of money are often the same people who call themselves Christians. A true follower of Christ would not think of everything in terms of money. There are, after all, higher standards that could be met. Like compassion. Love. A better world for everyone. A world without unchecked greed.

The idea from the bible that “you cannot serve god and mammon [meaning money]” is what led Tim to write the song and the lyrics in the bridge. He wrote it soon after we watched a debate leading up to the high-stakes 2020 Georgia senate run-off election between preacher-man Warnock and robotic, cultish, sound-bite-parrot Republican Loeffler. Loeffler, currently one of the richest members of congress, a self-proclaimed Christian, and a Trump-sycophant, attempted to portray Warnock as some kind of dangerous “socialist” and “radical”. It is sickly ironic that so many self-proclaimed Christians, who make life choices wholly unlike the teachings of Christ (a man who would be condemned as ‘radical’ today just as he was eons ago), consider Warnock ‘radical’. Read his platform. It is not something to be afraid of.

For decades or longer, the ruling class has used loaded words like “socialist”, “radical”, “communist”, etc. to scare uneducated voters into voting against the interests of the poor and working class. It is up to people who know better to try to shed some light to those who don’t. Don’t be afraid of a word and don’t fall for propaganda that uses that word to condemn another in a way that has nothing to do with what the condemned stands for. If a politician yells at you not to vote for someone because they’re a dangerous radical “socialist”, go find out for yourself what that word means and what the condemned actually stands for. Fearmongers such as Loeffler define that word to mean something which their political opponents do not even stand for. People define these loaded words in wildly different ways, so that sometimes one person’s definition is the opposite of another’s. So it is beyond stupid to fear or condemn a person who supposedly supports X without first checking A) Do they actually support X or are they just accused of it and B) If they support X, are they even defining X the same way that you are?

Voters, don’t let the ruling class manipulate you with fear. The divide and conquer game they play has gone on for ages. Don’t be afraid to dream. A real American Dream would not be founded on racism or on the existence of an elite ruling class. We could create a real American Dream that ensures everyone has clean air, clean water, housing, education, quality healthcare (especially during a pandemic!), and the necessities for a decent life. It’s policy choices that have thus far prevented these guarantees. It’s policy choices that have permitted an ultra-rich ruling class to clutch so much power and the majority of wealth. At the start of the pandemic, the largest bailouts were doled out to the richest; small businesses were left out while large corporations raked in the money.

We the people are dreaming up a better world. Countless organizations are working on bringing this dream to fruition. There’s plenty of good work to be done that will bring our country up to higher standards where each person is valued. Follow your passions, find your niche in these organizations, and join in to do your part in creating a better world!

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Dream it: Equity / Democracy / Liberty and Justice for ALL

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— Lillie (song & lyrics in bridge by Tim; verse/chorus lyrics by Lillie)

© December 2020 Clay Babies