Digital downloads are available or a mailed hard copy which has our art and liner notes. Click on links below to listen for free or purchase downloads via the bandcamp site, or find us on your favorite music site.

Guacamole! Hotdog!

Our fourth album is full of homegrown rock music. This is our first album with guest performers; details are in the liner notes of the physical copies.

The Justice Jar

This is a list of our single releases, with revenue going to good causes. Read lyrics and descriptions of the songs on this page.

Politics to Peanut Butter

Our third album has lively originals, some reflecting the period in 2019 in which the songs were written. Read lyrics and descriptions of the songs on this page.


Our second album is full of our original songs inspired by Georgia history. Read lyrics and descriptions of the songs on this page.

Our First Rodeo

Our first produced album is fun and relaxing to listen to. Some of it sounds like Appalachian old-time; some like old country; for other songs, we don’t know what to call them — folk / alternative-folk / indie-folk / Americana or…? — We just call it good music.

We most often produce ourselves into a larger-than-duo band on our albums since we love to record a variety of instruments on our songs. We might use our guitars, Irish bouzouki, fiddle, mandolin, tenor banjo, 5-string Appalachian clawhammer banjo, bass, harmonica, vocals, drum set, electric guitar, or other surprises.

The physical copies of our albums contain our art and liner notes which list songwriter information and all the instruments we play on the songs, and sometimes a thought or two about the songs’ creation. You can order physical copies via the links above or see our contact page. We also recommend supporting your local record store by asking them if they can sell you a copy — please buy from small, independent businesses wherever, whenever you can.

Our albums and singles are creatively, uniquely, from our hearts: Written, Performed, Recorded, Engineered, Produced, Mixed, Mastered, Noted, and Designed by Clay Babies (with the exception of any guest performers mentioned in album notes above).