About Us

Clay Babies is a husband-wife song-writing duo. Reared in the red-clay foothills of Georgia (Tim) and South Carolina (Lillie), they met in the mountains of North Carolina. They now call north Georgia home, a land near to many ancestors of both. Clay Babies aims to create as many albums as possible during their remaining stay on Earth, with the hope of contributing to positive change in their culture, country, and world.

Tim has played in various types of bands over the past few decades, including his 1990’s stint as lead singer in a Macon, GA rock band. Lillie got her start playing music for folk dances (contra, square, waltz) in Western NC around 2007. Together, they enjoy creating whatever music moves them, whether it’s folk or rock or something else entirely. There is a wide variety of sounds in the albums and single releases of Clay Babies.

Here’s What Folks Say About Clay Babies:

* We met Clay Babies at Washington’s Farmers market and fell in love, first with their music and then with their humble spirit. [They] are fabulous to work with – so organized – love it. [They] were a fabulous contribution to our show. What a great performance!!! — Julia Smith, Board of Directors, Washington Little Theater Company, GA

* Everyone REALLY loved y’all! I had so many people tell me that. So glad you have shared your talents with us. — Melinda, Restaurant-Owner in Athens, GA

* [Clay Babies] brought a variety of mountain style instruments to play and sing both original and obscure mountain/Celtic songs that were refreshing to hear and a delight to watch them perform with such a sense of gladness. — Stan Coe in his theater review published in News-Reporter of Washington, GA

* Sooo loved them!! Hope they come back. — Joyce F.

* Wife and I had the privilege to sit in tonight while this couple played a session of their music together. Vicky and I very much enjoyed their voices and talent they have, as well as the bonding chemistry they have with each other. I recommend taking the effort to see this couple play. — Jerry H.

*  They are such expressive, “together” performers. We love listening to them.  — Lloyd S., WNC

* Tremendously talented pair. — Doug A., Washington, GA

* Love this music — Keith S.

* You all were great, very professional sounding. Your duo impressed me. — Ann S., fundraiser in Athens, GA